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Saskatchewan’s Study Permit Allocation Rises to Over 15,000



Saskatchewan's Study Permit Allocation

Saskatchewan’s education landscape is witnessing a significant transformation as the province welcomes a surge in study permit allocations, surpassing the milestone of 15,000 permits. This development not only shows the province’s vision for international education but also reflects its growing stature as a global destination for students worldwide.

Rising Study Permit Allocation Signals Growth and Promise

As of April 1, 2024, Saskatchewan’s study permit allocation has substantially improved, now standing at 15,054 permits for undergraduate and college-level studies. This increase, up from the initial 12,000 permits set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in February, signifies a proactive response to the province’s evolving educational landscape. With the potential issuance of 7,200 study permits throughout the year, Saskatchewan is poised to accommodate a diverse cohort of international students seeking quality education and promising opportunities.

Speaking on the enhanced allocation, Advanced Education Minister Gordon Wyant emphasized Saskatchewan’s dedication to fostering a conducive environment for international students.

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“In Saskatchewan, we have been responsibly building our international student program and are committed to providing the support international students need to succeed at our post-secondary institutions,” he stated.


Recognizing the pivotal role of international students in driving economic growth and addressing labor market needs, Wyant expressed gratitude for IRCC’s decision to augment Saskatchewan’s study permit allocation.

PAL Requirement

With IRCC mandating the inclusion of a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) for the newest post-secondary international students, Saskatchewan has swiftly adapted to this requirement by implementing an automated system for processing PALs. This proactive approach positions Saskatchewan as a trailblazer among provinces, streamlining study permit applications and enhancing efficiency for students and institutions.

The Ministry of Advanced Education’s collaboration with 11 post-secondary institutions has yielded significant progress, with over 1,200 PALs processed through the utilization of MyCreds, a national platform for official academic documents. Leveraging technology and partnership, Saskatchewan has demonstrated its aim to facilitate seamless transitions for international students into the provincial education system.

Strategic Collaboration for Program Enhancement

Looking ahead, the Ministry of Advanced Education remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the international study program through ongoing collaboration with sector partners. While temporarily halting the acceptance of new study permit applications for designation in the Saskatchewan International Student Program, the ministry envisions future opportunities for post-secondary institutions to engage with international students. Starting in January 2026, institutions keen on hosting international students for programs exceeding six months will have the opportunity to reapply for designation, fostering continued growth and diversity within Saskatchewan’s educational landscape.

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