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Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur Category Invited 23 Candidates in Latest Draw

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Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur Category

In a recent draw conducted by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), a total of 23 candidates were issued invitations to apply for provincial nomination under the Entrepreneur Category. Saskatchewan continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, providing them with an opportunity to establish and operate businesses in the province. This selection mirrors the province’s dedication to fostering economic expansion and the encouragement of entrepreneurial advancement.

Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur Category

The Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur Category caters to adept individuals with skills, experience, and financial acumen to launch, acquire, or collaborate on Saskatchewan businesses. Its goal is to boost economic growth and job creation in the province.

The Latest SINP Draw Highlights

The most recent draw under the Entrepreneur Category took place on 7 September and invited candidates under the Entrepreneur Category.

Here are Some Key Details About the Draw:

Date of Draw: 07, September, 2023
Number of Invitations Issued: 23
Minimum CRS Score Range: 105-140
Category Invited: Entrepreneur 

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Key Criteria for SINP Entrepreneurial Success: What You Need to Know!

Points Allocation: Candidates are evaluated based on factors like age, education, language skills, adaptability, and investment amount. High-scoring candidates receive invitations.


Minimum Net Worth: Eligible candidates must meet a specified net worth requirement, ensuring they can financially invest in a Saskatchewan business.

Business Experience: Candidates need relevant business experience, including ownership or management, to contribute to the success of their future Saskatchewan business.

Business Establishment or Partnership: Successful candidates must start or partner in a Saskatchewan business with a business plan aligned with provincial economic priorities.

Residency Commitment: Nominated entrepreneurs commit to living in Saskatchewan and actively managing their business The recent draw by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a testament to the province’s commitment to attracting and welcoming entrepreneurs from around the world. Through the Entrepreneur Category, Saskatchewan is strengthening its economy and diversifying its business landscape. Invited candidates will assume a paramount role in fostering the province’s expansion and prosperity. Particularly for entrepreneurs, Saskatchewan presents an inviting prospect for substantial capital injection and a brighter horizon for their loved ones.

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