Episode 9 - Citizenship Celebrated, Global Race for Talent & More!
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Episode 9 – Citizenship Celebrated, Global Race for Talent & More!

Austin Campbell



Canada Immigration News Podcast
Canada Immigration News Podcast
Canada Immigration News Podcast
Episode 9 - Citizenship Celebrated, Global Race for Talent & More!

Welcome back to Canada Immigration News Podcast! Your one-stop shop for everything Canadian immigration, from policy updates to inspiring stories. Today’s episode is bursting with news, so let’s jump right in!

Canada Celebrates Citizenship Week!

First up, we’re celebrating Citizenship Week! From May 13th, Canada kicked off a week-long reflection on what it means to be Canadian. This includes our diverse identity, rich history, and the important role of Indigenous Peoples. Immigration Minister Marc Miller will be attending citizenship ceremonies across the country, welcoming new Canadians and highlighting the valuable contributions of newcomers.

Shifting Gears: The Global Battle for Talent

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about a global phenomenon – the competition for skilled workers. With increased mobility post-pandemic, Canada is vying for top talent on the world stage, according to Policy Options. The World Economic Forum predicts a significant shift, with 4% of the global population potentially relocating by 2030! Skilled workers are drawn to countries offering a high quality of life, and a strong economy is crucial for attracting this valuable talent pool.

Immigrant Families: Leading the Way in Homeownership

Moving on to some interesting statistics – a 2021 Statistics Canada study reveals a fascinating trend. Immigrant families, particularly those in big cities, are more likely to co-own homes with their adult children compared to other Canadians. The study found that nearly half of co-owning parents were immigrants, with this trend being even more pronounced in expensive metropolitan areas with larger immigrant populations. In cities like Toronto and Vancouver, a staggering 75% of co-owning parents were immigrants. This highlights the cultural emphasis on homeownership within many immigrant communities, often leading to more financial resources being allocated towards achieving this goal. The study also found that high-ratio properties, where the property value exceeds 30 times the owner’s income, were more commonly owned by first-generation immigrant children.

Restoring Citizenship Rights for “Lost Canadians”

Now, let’s delve into a recent government initiative. Following a landmark Ontario court ruling, the Federal Government is drafting legislation to restore citizenship rights for “lost Canadians.” This specifically targets children born abroad to Canadian parents who were denied citizenship due to a 2009 law. The proposed bill would require a Canadian parent born abroad to demonstrate significant ties to Canada in order to pass on citizenship to their children born outside the country.

Stay Informed and Engaged! That wraps up our exciting episode for today! Remember, staying up-to-date on immigration news is crucial for your Canadian immigration journey.

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