Episode 2 - Healthcare Pros in Demand, Visitor Asylum & Student Surge!
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Episode 2 – Healthcare Pros in Demand, Visitor Asylum & Student Surge!




Canada Immigration News Podcast
Canada Immigration News Podcast
Canada Immigration News Podcast
Episode 2 – Healthcare Pros in Demand, Visitor Asylum & Student Surge!

Welcome back to Canada Immigration News, your daily dose of Canadian immigration updates! Buckle up for a breakdown of the latest news impacting your immigration journey, including specific details on draws, streams, nominations, scores, and important dates.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Update

On May 1st, 2024, Alberta updated its Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) inventory, providing valuable insights into current application trends. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the applications in the program:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: This stream received around 4,146 applications. This stream targets individuals with job offers or entrepreneurial ventures in Alberta.
  • Rural Renewal Stream: This stream currently has approximately 1,739 applications. It focuses on attracting skilled workers to rural communities in Alberta.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream: There are roughly 234 applications in this stream, designed to address labor shortages in Alberta’s tourism and hospitality sector.
  • Express Entry Stream: This stream combines several pathways, and the total number of applications across these pathways is 947. These pathways include:
    • Family Connection and In-Demand Occupation Streams
    • Dedicated Healthcare Pathway (specifically for healthcare professionals)
    • Priority Sectors (targeting specific industries in need)
    • Accelerated Tech Pathway (focused on attracting talent in the tech sector)
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It’s important to remember that the actual number of applications can fluctuate.

AAIP Express Entry Draw


Now, let’s talk about the recent AAIP draw specifically targeting the Express Entry stream. On April 17th, 2024, Alberta conducted a draw through this stream, inviting 49 healthcare professionals under the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway.

The minimum cut-off score for this draw was 302 points, one point lower compared to the previous draw. This decrease suggests that Alberta may be facing a shortage of healthcare workers and is actively seeking qualified individuals to fill these positions.

Visitor Visa to Asylum Seekers

We’re now turning to a developing situation regarding visitors in Canada who are seeking asylum. A recent report reveals that a significant number of visitors who entered Canada through an expedited visa program have applied for asylum. As of February 29th, 2024, roughly 19,400 visitor visa holders, which translates to nearly 13% of all issued visas under this program, have filed asylum claims.

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The temporary policy implemented during COVID-19 border closures may have influenced some visitors to enter Canada with the intention of seeking asylum later. This is a situation worth monitoring as it unfolds.


More Indian Students Choosing Canada

Now, for some positive news for the education sector! Canada appears to be a top destination for Indian students and skilled workers. A recent report shows a remarkable increase – the number of Indians choosing Canada over the US has quadrupled since 2013!

This trend can likely be attributed to Canada’s more welcoming immigration policies, particularly the streamlined pathway to permanent residency compared to the US. The report highlights several factors that make Canada attractive to Indian talent:

  • No limit on high-skilled visas: Unlike the US system, Canada doesn’t have a cap on the number of high-skilled visas issued.
  • Faster processing times: Canada generally boasts faster processing times for immigration applications compared to the US.
  • Post-graduation permanent residency: This is a significant advantage for Indian students, as they have the opportunity to obtain permanent residency after graduation from a Canadian university.
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These factors are solidifying Canada’s position as a major player in international student recruitment and skilled worker immigration.

New Brunswick Strengthens Education Ties

Finally, some exciting news for the education sector! On April 30th, 2024, New Brunswick signed a collaborative agreement with Morocco. This agreement strengthens ties within the international Francophonie community and focuses on fostering collaboration in key areas like:

  • Preschool education
  • Technology integration in education
  • Assessment techniques

This collaboration signifies a commitment to educational exchange and innovation, ultimately aiming to promote economic growth for both nations.

That’s all for this episode of Canada Immigration News! We hope this detailed breakdown of the latest news, including specific details on draws, streams, nominations, and scores, empowers you to make informed decisions about your Canadian immigration journey.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform to receive daily updates on all things Canadian immigration. Until next time, see you later!

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