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Episode 15 – BC PNP Draws, Architect Credentials, Student Partners’ Work & Agricultural Labor Concerns

Austin Campbell



Canada Immigration News Podcast Episode 15 - BC PNP Draws, Architect Credentials, Student Partners' Work & Agricultural Labor Concerns
Canada Immigration News Podcast
Canada Immigration News Podcast
Episode 15 - BC PNP Draws, Architect Credentials, Student Partners' Work & Agricultural Labor Concerns

Get the latest Canadian immigration updates in Episode 15 – new BC PNP draws across tech and other sectors, a new credential assessment process for architects, expanded work opportunities for partners of students, and the farming industry’s concerns over temporary foreign worker reductions.

BC Invites Across Tech, Healthcare, Childcare & More

British Columbia issued 79 invitations on May 22 through the BC PNP, including:
– 50 candidates in the Tech Draw (min. 122 score)
– 5 invites for early childhood educators
– 10 invites in the Healthcare stream
– 9 for construction occupations
– 5 for veterinary care roles

New ECA Body for Architect Credentials

IRCC designated the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) to assess foreign architectural credentials against Canadian standards – a key requirement for economic immigration programs. The CACB assessments will also aid licensing processes.

Expanded Work Rights for Student Partners

As of April 30, partners of full-time students in graduate, professional or pilot programs can access more open work opportunities, including extending status when their spouse is in a PGWP-eligible program.

Agricultural Sector’s Temporary Worker Concerns

Canada’s farming industry fears labor shortages from the government’s plan to reduce temporary foreign workers to 5% of the population over 3 years by cutting up to 600,000 workers, despite its reliance on this workforce.

Stay tuned for more immigration news and updates across Canada!

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