Plans To Immigrate Have Strengthened Between April And August
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Plans To Immigrate Have Strengthened Between April And August

Austin Campbell



Immigrate To Canada

The pandemic has not kept people from wanting to immigrate to Canada. International students who want to take advantage of Canada’s immigrant-friendly policies are waiting to take the next step and start their education in Canada.

A new survey published by the World Education Services (WES) evaluated how the pandemic has changed people’s desire to immigrate. WES based this study on 27,930 valid responses submitted by prospective immigrants who had approached WES for their credential evaluations.

WES published two similar reports before this, one that analyzed the impact of the pandemic on people’s immigration desires in April and one that focused on how they had changed by June.

Results of the study

This latest study took a look at how prospective candidates felt about immigration in the month of August. There were three interesting findings.

  • People’s wishes to immigrate have only strengthened in the period between April and August.
  • Most prospective immigrants assume that the economic situation in Canada is much better than in their home country.
  • There has been a drop in the number of people wanting to delay their immigration for a while.
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The survey was conducted with the help of stratified random sampling. 46% of the respondents in the survey are from India, which is unsurprising since India happens to be the leading source country of immigrants for Canada.

Most people who still want to immigrate to Canada are looking to improve their situation in a first-world economy. Even though the pandemic has caused personal and economic distress for many, it has not extinguished people’s wish to take advantage of Canada’s generous offerings.

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