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North Bay planning to introduce Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Peter Fey



North Bay planning to introduce Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The city of North Bay, located in northeastern Ontario, is ready to launch the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot during the next couple of weeks. The city will soon begin to accept immigration applications via the federal pilot program.


The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a popular community-driven program in Canada that has been designed to give small communities an upper hand in terms of immigration. They tend to get ignored often by prospective immigrants, which is why this program is beneficial. The smaller communities in Canada can enjoy the advantages of economic immigration and provide potential candidates with a permanent residence pathway under this program. Skilled foreign workers, who are interested in working and living in one of the participating communities, are qualified for this program.

North Bay becomes a participating community

North Bay is located around 300 km north of Toronto and is fairly accessible. It will be the tenth community in Canada to accept applications via the RNIP when it finally launches its website. Just like the other 11 RNIP participating communities, North Bay will have a quota of 100 community recommendations during the first year of the pilot.


Foreign workers and employers find it easier to connect through the RNIP. Small Canadian communities facing labor shortages use this program to fix the existing imbalance. Each community is picked because of its size, employment opportunities, location, and ability to facilitate immigrant integration. When the North Bay site goes live, candidates will be able to submit their applications while employers can post job offers.

Since RNIP is community-driven, it is important for the participating communities to attract new immigrants or even temporary foreign workers already living in Canada and fix them up with local job opportunities.

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