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Marco Mendicino’s View on Canada’s Immigration Plans

Ashley Shelton



Canada Immigration Minister

The Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Marco Mendicino on 28th February made a significant immigration policy speech. Mendocino stated that with Canada being a country of a meager birth rate, it needs to depend on immigration. Around 20% of the population consists of immigrants.

Mendicino feels that the economic prosperity of Canada will be at considerable risk if there is no immigration. Due to a low number of citizens, the commercial growth rate and fiscal standing will face a lot of pressure. Also, since elder people will need better access to healthcare. there will be fewer workers to meet government expenses.

To meet these problems and increase the working sector, labour market and support various kinds of businesses, Canada will be more welcoming to immigrants. Marco Mendicino said that his vision includes Canada welcoming more than a million immigrants from all over the world in the upcoming three years.

Successful since launch, the Express Entry program will remain as the flagship program for the immigrant entry pathway as more than ninety-five percent of the candidates from Express Entry category arrivals have their jobs. And supporting the Express Entry, there are the programs of Atlantic Immigration Pilot and Global Talent Stream.

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Additionally, in 2019 to promote the advantages of economic immigration across Canada to smaller communities, the federal government introduced the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. To bolster economic growth all across Canada, there is the Municipal Nominee Program or MNP.


The Municipal Nominee Program is a recent initiative undertaken by the federal government of Canada that will help to educate the people and help in economic prosperity. It is yet to launch and is in the shaping stage.

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