Manitoba PNP: A Second Opportunity to Welcome 9,500 Nominees in 2024
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Manitoba PNP: A Second Opportunity to Welcome 9,500 Nominees in 2024

Austin Campbell



Manitoba PNP

The province of Manitoba has been granted another chance to welcome 9,500 nominees through its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) this year. This initiative by the federal government presents a crucial opportunity for Manitoba to make significant strides in meeting its workforce needs and enhancing its population.

Let’s delve into the details of this development and what it means for the province.

Manitoba’s Nomination Goals

Last year, Manitoba fell short of its nomination target by 2,000, making it imperative for the province to capitalize on this second opportunity. With a record-setting quota of 9,500 nominees, Manitoba aims to exceed its previous performance and achieve its designated allotment for 2024. This ambitious goal reflects the province’s commitment to addressing labor shortages and fostering economic growth.

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The shortfall in nominations last year was attributed to administrative challenges, including inadequate staffing to handle the paperwork required for the PNP. However, the current administration under NDP immigration minister Malaya Marcelino is determined to overcome these obstacles and ensure the timely processing of nominations in 2024.


As Manitoba embarks on this journey to meet its nomination targets, efforts are underway to streamline the nomination process and minimize delays. Marcelino aims to reduce the waiting period between receiving an invitation and obtaining a nomination certificate, aligning with the federal recommendation of a six-month timeline. By optimizing efficiency and expediting the nomination process, Manitoba aims to achieve its targets by the fall of 2024.

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Manitoba PNP Streams

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) offers three distinct streams, each tailored to meet specific immigration needs:

  1. Skilled Worker: Designed for internationally trained workers possessing skills in demand in the local labor market.
  2. International Education Stream (IES): Provides pathways for international students graduating in Manitoba to secure nominations.
  3. Business Investor Stream (BIS): Targets qualified investors and entrepreneurs keen on establishing or acquiring businesses in Manitoba.

Manitoba’s opportunity to welcome 9,500 nominees through its PNP represents a significant milestone in its journey toward addressing labor shortages and stimulating economic growth. With a renewed focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Manitoba PNP is poised to capitalize on this opportunity and reinforce its position as an attractive destination for immigrants.

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