Lottery For The Parents And Grandparents Program Might Be Delayed
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Lottery For The Parents And Grandparents Program Might Be Delayed

Isabel Rice



Lottery For The Parents And Grandparents Program Might Be Delayed

The Parents and Grandparents Program or PGP 2020 is a popular option, especially since family reunification is one of the Canadian immigration goals. Now that the expression of interest window has closed, it is time for IRCC to hold the lottery. 

However, as things stand, it seems that the IRCC will delay the immigration lottery till next year. Applicants will have to wait until early 2021 to get their results. Canada planned to hold the lottery by the end of December, but the pandemic is still posing problems.

The Expression of Interest window for the PGP this year opened between October 13 and November 3. Potential sponsors were able to submit their applications during this period. Permanent residents and Canadian citizens had to submit their form online to IRCC to make their wish of sponsoring their parents and grandparents known. IRCC was going to select eligible sponsors through a randomized lottery. 

IRCC’s Response 

According to the IRCC website, the sponsors are going to receive invitations to apply towards the end of 2021. The applications need to be submitted by early 2021. IRCC offered an explanation for the delay in an email to CIC News.


IRCC is in the process of going through the submissions made this year. The goal is to eliminate duplicates and create a new, randomized list. As soon as the list is prepared, IRCC will send out invitations to apply. The pandemic caused the program to open late this year, and there are other problems that are still holding back progress. 

The PGP is a helpful pathway for immigrants who want to bring their parents and grandparents into Canada by sponsoring them.

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