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Immigration Announcement

IRCC’s New Initiative on Canada’s Immigration System, Launches a Public Survey

Peter Fey



Canada’s Immigration System

Recently, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has launched its campaign – “An Immigration System for Canada’s Future”. The initiative gives Canadians and other stakeholders the chance to exchange ideas and viewpoints on how Canada can create a more robust and flexible immigration system.

According to the IRCC website, it is necessary to have immigration policies and programs that are current, sensitive to change, and aligned with Canada’s social, economic, and cultural needs in order to promote the Canadian economy and improve communities. To that end, from now until April 2023, IRCC will be collaborating on a future vision for Canada’s immigration system with individuals from all over the nation.

With this initiative, Immigration Minister, Fraser held an in-person dialogue meeting in Halifax. According to the IRCC press release, the effort is anticipated to feature additional in-person discourse sessions, as well as thematic workshops and a survey for the public and our clients.  The survey asked respondents to express their opinions and offer suggestions for improving Canadian immigration in the future.

Questionnaire Survey – An Overview

The survey consists some questions with an aim to inquiring about your initial thoughts on the current immigration system in Canada. The IRCC specifically requests your opinion on the number of immigrants entering Canada and whether you believe that the Canadian government is managing immigration correctly or not.

Following its responses to these queries, IRCC gives a general overview of the immigration system in Canada, outlining the various ways that individuals engage with it as well as the laws and regulations that influence it. The survey also aims to ask about the main issues and challenges in the existing immigration system in Canada.


For instance, to answer on the biggest issues in Canada, you can say that the population of Canada is ageing. Individuals in Canada are not having as many children, and eventually immigration will account for 100% of population increase. Moreover, social programs are under pressure, and there is a shortage of affordable housing. Not only this, Canada is also facing labour shortages. In a nutshell, you are questioned about the adjustments that would have to be made in order for these trends to play according to your vision for Canadian immigration.

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