International Students And New Immigrants Will Lead From The Front
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International Students And New Immigrants Will Lead From The Front

Margaret Cooley



Canada Immigrants

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely not been easy on the Canadian economy. The immigration stagnancy combined with the lockdown resulted in tremendous losses. It is truly a shame considering how well-placed Canada was at the beginning of the year.

However, looking back will provide no solution and instead the country should focus on making up for the losses suffered in 2020. Now that new immigrants and international students are finally being able to enter Canada, they will play a key role in accelerating the country’s economic recovery. Canada heavily relies on immigrants to fill gaps in the labor market as it is, so it only makes sense that immigrants are more important now than ever.

Handling the situation

A paper published by Colleges and Institutes Canada says that institutions that benefit local communities across the country should take the responsibility of training eligible newcomers to make the integration process easier.

Canada had introduced travel restrictions back in March in order to control the spread of the virus. It is heartening to see Canada slowly exempting certain groups now so they can enter the country. IRCC never stopped processing applications of candidates interested in permanent residence. Draws have also taken place regularly, indicating that Canada is not going to halt immigration any time soon.


Businesses and employers in Canada will be satisfied with skilled laborers and intentional students entering the market and fulfilling the labor needs. International students who start their courses immediately will be able to join the workforce soon.

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If you are interested in moving to Canada as a skilled worker, you should take advantage of the numerous immigration pathways offered by Canada.

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