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International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool to Bring Professional Experts to Saskatchewan

Ashley Shelton



International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool to Bring Professional Experts to Saskatchewan

The government of Saskatchewan is looking to strengthen its healthcare infrastructure. It aims to invite more foreign professionals from the healthcare industry to work with native stakeholders. The province of Saskatchewan has created a new EOI pool named International Healthcare Worker Expression of Interest (EOI) Pool that will allow international healthcare professionals to work and live here.

Interested candidates can create their EOI profile online and apply under an eligible profession. The process will work through the province’s Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

However, the International Healthcare Worker EOI does not guarantee entry into the SINP. Rather, it lets candidates show their interest in working as healthcare workers in Saskatchewan. Candidates will need a job offer from an employer in the province registered with SINP to qualify.

If they do, the candidates can take advantage of two streams under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). The first one is the International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer. The second stream is the Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot introduced in November 2021.

The two streams include a list of 21 eligible professions under which candidates can apply.


However, a candidate will not need to apply with EOIs online if they have a job offer. The employer should be from the healthcare industry in Saskatchewan and recognized by the SINP.

Candidates will be evaluated based on several factors before they receive invites from the province. They will need professional work experience of a minimum of one year or six months based on the applied stream.

Additionally, they have to prove their language competency in four areas, like writing and speaking. The International Skilled Worker stream also uses scores to assess candidates. They will have to secure a minimum of 60 marks from a total of 110 to qualify as an international healthcare worker.

The move can lead to optimum immigration in Saskatchewan in the healthcare segment.

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