Immigrants will play a crucial role in Canada’s economic recovery
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Immigration Announcement

Immigrants will play a crucial role in Canada’s economic recovery after the pandemic is over

Margaret Cooley



Canada Economy and Labor Market

The COVID 19 pandemic has left many countries unsure as to how they want to approach immigration once normalcy is restored. However, it seems unlikely that Canada will choose to change its immigration plans after the pandemic is behind us in spite of the economic slowdown. According to the IMF, the global economy will reduce by 3 percent in 2020 in the post-coronavirus period. The IMF has gone as far as to term this situation to be the worst economic downturn since the 1920 Great Depression.

A few days before Canada had to impose travel restrictions to contain the spread of the virus, the country had announced that it would invite more than 1 million immigrants between the years 2020 and 2022. The influx of foreign skilled talent would boost the Canadian economy. The pandemic definitely posed many obstructions to these plans because the global economy is now in a precarious state.

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Will Canada continue to welcome immigrants?

The state of the world right now begs the question of whether Canada will be able to continue with its original plan. There is no way that the Canadian immigration system will emerge completely unscathed by the wrath of COVID-19. Canada will have to make adjustments to the immigration plan. However, the country will not take the risk of cutting down immigration levels drastically after the coronavirus crisis. Canada is aware that immigrants are key contributors to the country’s economy, and they will be able to fuel economic growth in this time of dire need.

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Does Canada need more immigrants?


Canada’s demographic challenges prompt the country to welcome more and more immigrants. The combination of low birth rates and old populations has put the Canadian labor market at risk. With retirement approaching for many Canadians, there will be a void formed in the labor market soon. Immigration is the best solution for this problem, and Canada has been utilizing its benefits to the fullest.

The Canadian economy should recover soon if the right people are employed once the crisis is over.

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