Guide to Sponsor Your Spouse in Canada from UAE
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Guide to Sponsor Your Spouse in Canada from UAE

Ashley Shelton



Sponsor Your Spouse in Canada

If you are a Canadian citizen, you can sponsor your spouse in Canada age above 18 and can financially support you and your family. You will also fund your spouse if you are outside Canada, but it is not possible if you are a permanent resident.

Eligibility Requirements to Sponsor Your Spouse in Canada

You will need to meet income requirements to be eligible, but you cannot sponsor if the income is from social assistance. However, it is ruled out if you receive social assistance in case of disability.

If you receive any maternal or sickness benefits, they can be considered and make you eligible. But, benefits such as federal allowances and employment insurance will not be considered. There are no minimum income requirements expect some rare cases.

Under what circumstances are you ineligible?

Of course, if there is a criminal history, you will not be eligible, but you could not qualify if you have failed to pay an immigration loan, bankruptcy, or if you have sponsored your ex-spouse in the last three years.


Is your Spouse Eligible?

It’s also essential to ensure both are eligible, and for your spouse to be eligible, your spouse must pass medical, security, and background checks and be above 18. If both are living in Canada, you are considered inland applicants, and if your spouse is living outside Canada, you will be regarded as outland applicants.

Documents Required to Sponsor Your Spouse in Canada

Since the regulations keep changing time and again, you will need to check the official website for the documents required. However, the primary documents are travel history and records of anyone who has served in the military. The application takes around 12 months or longer to be processed. During this period, IRCC will ask for a medical check, biometrics, and an interview before approving this sponsorship program.

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