Former Immigration Minister suggests opening Canada’s borders
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Former Immigration Minister suggests opening Canada’s borders

Margaret Cooley



Former Immigration Minister suggests opening Canada’s borders

Several prominent people have decided to call on the Canadian government and suggest that the country should figure out safe solutions following which the travel restrictions can be lifted. Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, has asked Canada to initiate the process of opening the borders safely.

According to the Calgary Herald, Jason Kenney has opined that lifting Canada’s travel restrictions safely will prove to be critical to supporting Alberta’s economic recovery.

Canada introduced the travel restrictions since March 18 in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. These restrictions will be in effect until June 30. It is important to clarify that Kenney is not suggesting that Canada should re-open the borders right this moment. Instead, he suggests that the federal government and all the provinces should make a plan that would help in the resumption of domestic and international travel as soon as possible.

Kenney holds up the example of countries like Iceland, Austria, and New Zealand when saying that Canada should develop the best ways as to how to re-open the borders. For example, Iceland is giving COVID-19 tests for free to all incoming travelers. The people who test negative are exempted from the mandatory two-week quarantine. Kenney wonders if prolonging the Canadian travel restrictions can cause damage to the country’s economy.

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Tourism update:


The airline, tourism, and hotel industry in Canada is also submitting proposals for solutions as to how the federal government can orchestrate the welcoming of foreign travelers again. At the moment, Canada wants all travelers to put themselves in self- quarantine for two weeks once they enter the country. The airline industry, however, is unhappy with this decision because travelers are getting discouraged in the process. Enhanced health and safety measures could prove to be sufficient if implemented properly.

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