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Immigration Announcement

Foreign TV and film workers can take advantage of priority processing

Peter Fey



Foreign TV and film workers can take advantage of priority processing

Canada is slowly opening up to accommodate workers who want to go back to work and restart the economy. Eligible film and foreign television workers will benefit from the 14-day processing standard introduced by Canada for them. TV and film crews who are in need of TRVs can manage to get their work permits within two weeks.

New policy

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) officers are going to make work permit processing for film and foreign TV workers a priority for now. Eligible candidates who want a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) will be able to cut down on their preparation time.

Unless someone belongs to a visa-exempt country, they need a TRV to gain entry into Canada. This applies to foreign nationals in the United States who happen to be citizens of non-visa-exempt countries.

IRCC announced the new policy on September 28, and it is available on the IRCC website. This means that TV and film workers can get their work permits processed within two weeks in case they need TRVs urgently. It is important to remember that film crews must quarantine for two weeks even when they gain entry to Canada.


Current rules

Foreign nationals who are traveling to Canada by air from any country except the United States must use their Canadian work permit if they want to board the plane. Travelers from the United States should be able to submit their application for a work permit at any Port of Entry provided they are not ill. Moreover, they should also be able to provide proof that they can quarantine for 14 days in Canada.

People who want to come to Canada for non-essential reasons will not be granted entry at the moment. Individual provinces and territories can enforce additional travel restrictions.

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