The Top Things to Note when Taking a Canadian Job Offer
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The Top Things to Note when Taking a Canadian Job Offer

Ashley Shelton



Canada Job Fraud

Canada, a hub for a large variety of jobs, never fails to make its way up in the lists of job seekers around the world. Foreign nationals eagerly wait for a job opportunity because of the broader prospects and residency. However, more job prospects and a desire to immigrate to Canada means there are more scams to deal with – here are a few to keep in mind.

How much does the job pay?

Firstly, watch out for unrealistic compensation.

The first warning sign of this includes a very high or too good to be accurate salary in comparison to the required work. The Canadian governments’ job bank website provides a detailed chart of the average wage per occupation. Check this website to refer to and compare the salary and benefits with your job offer. If there is a vast difference, then there might be a chance of the employment offer being a scam. Frauds generally include benefits like paid holidays, free accommodation, or paid travel expenses.

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Do you have a scheduled job interview?


The second thing to keep in mind is that companies in Canada or anywhere in the world, never hire candidates without an actual interview. Additionally, an employer cannot get a hold of a work permit without involving the candidate or employee, and the cost of a work permit by the government is $155. Therefore, if an offer says that all of the authorization processes are entirely taken care of by the company, and the permit costs more than $155, it is a fraud.

Can you find information about the employer?

Another critical warning sign includes incorrect contact information of the employee. Scams and frauds generally put out contact information numbers that do not correspond with the area code of the company location. Sketchy email ids and wrong telephone numbers also add to this list.

Is the job offer letter in good English?

The next indication of a scam is the proficiency of language as employers in Canada are likely to have a very firm grasp over the English language. If the employer fails to do so, there might be probable chances of this job being a scam.


Lastly, do check on the authenticity of the offer letter. The majority of Canadian companies and employers write very competent and professional offer letters. If the offer letter you received lacks professionalism and is a little unconventional, you might want to dig in deep.

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These were just some of the general warning signs to help you identify and detect any scams. With these tips, never worry about losing money.

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