Fake Admission Offer Letters Have Led to Deportation of Students from Canada
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Fake Admission Offer Letters Have Led to Deportation of Students From Canada

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Fake Admission

In Canada, more than 700 students could be expelled after their admission offer letters were found to be false. This deception was revealed during the process of filing for permanent residence in Canada. According to the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA), these letters were false. CBSA investigated the supporting documentation which used to issue their visas.

The majority of the students arrived in Canada to study in 2018 and 2019, obtained work visas, and received Canadian work experience. Sadly, some education agents prey on students seeking to study and work in Canada in order to gain a chance at permanent residency. In real, these agents accept payment in cash, do not sign a contract, and are not licenced.

Legally, the only individuals who may charge for immigration advice and services are licenced solicitors and consultants. These individuals are the members of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Additionally, education agents hold a CICC licence.

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Most Common Scams for International Students in Canada

Students become a victim of ghost consultants. Ghost consultants are individuals posing as fake representatives from educational institutions or unregistered immigration agents.

Here’s what you need to know about the scams that international students may face:

  • These ghost scammers or representatives provide assistance to foreign students in exchange for a fee before disappearing. Once they receive the amount, they tend to vanish from the picture.

In this way, people who apply for work permits, study permits, or permanent resident status may easily fall victim to this kind of fraud.

  • Students must also take care of phishing scams. Such type of scams frequently involves asking for sensitive personal information via email or text message. Additionally, an automated phone threatening legal action due to their immigration status may be received.
  • Fake job offers to students are rather widespread. Scammers take advantage of the fact that international students frequently need to pursue part-time jobs to help pay for their studies. Additionally, job offers that students did not apply for may be made to them.
  • Finally, there are con artists who take advantage of the housing needs of international students. They contact foreign students before they come to Canada, promise fictitious housing in exchange for a deposit, and then vanish.
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In conclusion, you need to choose a representative wisely. To avoid being scammed, hire trusted, authorized, and regulated consultants for your immigration process.

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