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Beyond the Pause: Why Entering the Express Entry Pool Matters Now?

Austin Campbell



Express Entry Pool Matters

The landscape of Express Entry draws has evolved since the pandemic and shows predictability. Despite a temporary halt in draws since October 26th, there are compelling reasons to dive into the Express Entry pool.

Provincial Nomination Pathway

Entering the Express Entry pool enhances your chances of Canadian immigration. Provinces often scout the pool and may issue invitations for provincial nominations, securing your path to permanent residence with an additional 600 CRS points, a game-changer in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Almost every province aligns with the Express Entry System through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Recent examples, such as Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream, reveal consistent opportunities for nominations, even during draw pauses.

Ontario’s HCP Stream – 15,000 Candidates in 2023, Tripling 2022 Numbers

The year 2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in the Human Capital Priorities stream’s activity, with over 15,000 candidates receiving notifications of interest. This substantial increase contrasts with the approximately 4,000 notifications issued in 2022. Notably, a significant proportion of these notifications targeted candidates specializing in health or technology-related occupations.

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On November 30th, Ontario extended 1,052 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to potential candidates eligible for the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream. Successful nominees boasted a CRS score ranging from 404 to 430 and possessed work experience in one of the 42 specified healthcare occupations.


ITAs with Lower CRS Score

Express Entry draws may resume at any time, with varying CRS score cut-offs. Historical data shows draws with lower cut-offs, and the introduction of category-based draws offers flexibility. Diversification in categories like healthcare, STEM, trades, transport, and agriculture ensures opportunities for candidates with lower CRS scores.

Canada’s commitment to increased immigration, targeting 465,000 in 2023 and aiming for 500,000 in 2025 and 2026, indicates a growing pool of opportunities. Candidates with lower CRS scores stand a better chance of receiving ITAs.

Job Bank Plus Account

Being in the Express Entry pool grants access to the Canadian Job Bank’s “Plus Account.” This invaluable resource facilitates jobs in Canada, potentially leading to a Canadian job offer. A job offer translates to extra CRS points, bolstering your ITA prospects and easing your settlement into the Canadian labor market.

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Despite the pause in draws, the Express Entry remains a dynamic space with diverse avenues to explore. As Canada opens its doors wider to immigrants, seizing these opportunities now can be the key to unlocking your pathway to a successful and timely immigration journey.

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1 Comment

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    سلام انا جيلاني بن براهيم من تونس عند 36 سنة اعرف عمل فلاح كلها

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