Express Entry Candidates Who Speak French Will Receive More Points
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Express Entry Candidates Who Speak French Will Now Receive More Points

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It is a known fact that Canada favors candidates who can speak French and are bilingual. While a major part of the French community is concentrated in provinces like Quebec, candidates can use this to their advantage no matter what their destination is.

Canada recently offered an even greater advantage to Express Entry candidates who speak French or happen to be Francophones. They will now be eligible to receive even more points because of their language proficiency.

Marco Mendocino, the Immigration Minister of Canada, has made it clear that the Express Entry system will now give an edge to candidates who are fluent in French. Bilingual candidates used to receive 30 extra points before, but now they will receive 50. On the other hand, French-speaking applicants will be eligible to receive 25 points.

Purpose of the initiative

The number of French-speaking immigrants who are allowed into Canada outside of Quebec has not risen significantly, and hence the government is trying to provide a boost to the Francophone minority. They have set a goal to admit 4.4% French-speaking immigrants by 2023, excluding Quebec. The current travel restrictions have put a temporary damper on the plans, but Canada is all set to resume its efforts in full force once the restrictions are removed. Until then, this new points system initiative will encourage more Francophone immigrants to view Canada as their destination.


Canada’s immigration system is based on warmth and acceptance, so it is only fair that Francophone minority communities receive adequate support. Moreover, these immigrants will be key to the country’s plan for long-term economic prosperity.

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