Canada Traveler And Extended Family Can Apply For Travel Exemptions
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Compassionate Canada Travelers And Extended Family Can Now Apply For Travel Exemptions

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Canada Travel - PNP Immigration

Canada has released details on how extended family members and compassionate canada travelers can gain admission into Canada with minimum hassle. They have defined extended family members and mentioned requirements for compassionate travelers to qualify under the exemptions. They have also provided suggestions about how candidates can get limited release from quarantine.

Extended family members are now allowed to cross the border and enter Canada. They must meet all the eligibility and admissibility requirements in order to gain permission. It is mandatory for them to stay in Canada for a minimum period of 15 days once they gain entry.

As an extended family member, you will not have to provide a non-optional or non-discretionary reason for travel to the authorities.

The definition of extended family as given by the Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shifts based on how the foreign traveler is related to the permanent resident or Canadian, or their partner.

How to apply


If you want to apply for travel exemption as an extended family member, you have to follow an extended process.

  • The family member who is a permanent citizen or permanent resident should first fill out an application for authorization and statutory declaration.
  • Once you receive the application, you can sign the form and mail it back to your family member, who will then sign the form by solemn declaration in the presence of an authorized official.
  • Your family member will have to send a copy of the signed and completed application for you to get authorization and statutory declaration. You will be able to use this document as a proof of your relationship when requesting a written authorization from IRCC.
  • The process you need to follow to get written authorization will vary based on whether you possess a valid travel document already. Only book your flight to Canada after getting a written authorization from IRCC.

When you finally travel, make sure that you carry a copy of the application and the written authorization.

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