Changes to Quebec Experience Program come into effect
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Changes to Quebec Experience Program come into effect

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The provincial government of Quebec introduced new eligibility criteria for the Quebec Experience Program (or PEQ) on July 9. The new changes came into effect on July 22. The new PEQ reforms will have a significant effect on applications submitted by temporary foreign workers and international students.

What is the PEQ?

The PEQ was launched in 2010, and it has become a popular immigration stream since then. It provides a fast-track to permanent residence for international students and temporary foreign workers who have lived in Quebec.

Quebec’s immigration minister said that the increased length of work experience that would be required for future applicants to apply to the PEQ would be implemented soon. Temporary foreign workers are now required to have full-time employment for 24 months within the 36 months before they submit the application and meet the PEQ’s criteria.

New requirements to be aware about:


These new rules also require international students to fulfill the Quebec work experience requirement. Students who secure a university degree in the province or a diploma of college studies in Quebec must gather 12 months of Quebec work experience. They should opt for jobs that can be classified under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes 0, A, and B.

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Students with a Quebec diploma of professional studies (DEP) should have 18 months of Quebec work experience in jobs that can be classified under NOC 0, A, B, or C. Candidates working in the C level jobs will be considered eligible under the new PEQ rules only if their work experience is directly related to their program of study in Quebec. The work experience acquired because of a mandatory internship during a program of study will also be taken into account, but only up to three months.


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