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Canadian Workers Set for Salary Hike in 2024: A Bright Outlook

Austin Campbell



Salary Hike in 2024

In a promising turn of events, Canadian workers are on the brink of welcoming significant pay increases in 2024, according to a recent survey conducted by financial management consulting firm Normandin Beaudry. The findings from this survey unveil a brighter future for working Canadians, with a noteworthy average wage increase of 3.6%. Join us as we delve into the survey results and explore the potential impact on newcomers to Canada.

Survey Insights: What Lies Ahead

Normandin Beaudry’s survey, which encompassed more than 700 companies across Canada, reveals some encouraging trends. The most significant revelation is the projected 3.6% average salary increase, which is poised to benefit a vast number of Canadian employees. This statistic indicates a favorable departure from the wage freezes that had become somewhat common during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Highlights from the Survey

1. Only a mere two percent of companies are anticipating salary freezes for 2024. This contrasts with the pre-pandemic era when wage freezes averaged between three to five percent.

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2. Approximately 43% of the surveyed companies intend to allocate an extra average salary budget of one percent, reflecting their commitment to supporting their workforce.

3. Certain sectors are poised to experience wage increases exceeding the national average, reaching up to 3.9%. These sectors include STEM, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Accommodation and Food Services. Notably, STEM occupations are highly sought after in Canada, as indicated by the federal government’s Express Entry program, where they represent a focal point for immigration.


4. Specific provinces like Quebec, Yukon, Ontario, and British Columbia are expected to witness salary increases on par with or exceeding the national projected average for 2024. However, the remaining provinces and territories are forecasted to experience slightly lower wage increases.

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Notably, employed Canadians in the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island are expected to receive average salary increases of 3.3%.

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What Does This Mean for Newcomers to Canada?

The surge in average incomes throughout Canada is a heartening development for all inhabitants. However, it carries particular import for recent immigrants in Canada. Relocating to a novel land can pose financial challenges, and these salary upswings can significantly alleviate the adjustment process for immigrants, aiding them in providing for their families and establishing a comfortable standard of living in their newfound abode.

Canada is already celebrated for its exceptional standard of living, consistently ranking among the foremost nations worldwide. With the foreseen wage enhancements in 2024, this reputation is slated to grow even more robust. Newcomers can anticipate a more prosperous and rewarding existence in this inviting nation, further cementing Canada’s standing as a prime haven for those in pursuit of a brighter future.


The expected salary hike in 2024 is not solely a boon for Canadian laborers but also a ray of hope for newcomers seeking a fresh beginning in the Great White North. As we eagerly await the advent of 2024, it is evident that Canada is dedicated to fostering economic well-being and ensuring a superior quality of life for all who consider this nation their home.

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