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Immigration Announcement

Canadian Immigration Applications Require Transparency And No Misrepresentation

Ashley Shelton



Canadian Immigration

While the Canadian government and IRCC take a flexible approach towards immigration, they do not take kindly to any kind of misrepresentation by candidates. In fact, candidates who provide false information whether intentionally or unintentionally will be penalized heavily. Immigration candidates should also be careful about disclosing all necessary information. 

In case Canadian immigration candidates make the mistake of misrepresenting themselves, they will be given a chance to explain. If they are able to provide a believable and rational explanation, they will not have to face serious consequences.

However, the ones who fail to do so will face a five-year ban that will prevent them from even applying for status in Canada in that time period. 

The Federal Court of Canada recently reinforced the need for providing correct information when applying for immigration through its decision in the case of Ms. Carmen Muniz. Prospective immigrants should always go out of their way to provide correct information at every juncture.

They cannot depend on assumptions and hope to get away with small mistakes. Since immigration is an international affair, honesty is a quality treasured in any immigrant.


Details of the case

Ms. Muniz had arrived in Canada in 2013 and then she received several permits over the next few years allowing her to stay in the country. However, she was refused a Post-Graduation Work Permit in 2019 by IRCC and that is where the problems began. Ms. Muniz decided to apply for eTA.

While filling the online questionnaire, she failed to disclose that her extension application had already been rejected once. IRCC caught on and decided to ban her for five years. Ms. Muniz appeared to the Federal Court for a reversal but with no success.


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