Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program Immigration Sees a Surge in 2024
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Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) Immigration Sees a Surge in 2024

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Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program

At the dawn of 2024, Canada’s immigration system witnessed a heartening trend as the influx of parent and grandparent immigrants surged, marking a significant chapter in the nation’s commitment to family reunification. Canada PGP served as the pathway for this reunion, facilitating the journey of foreign nationals toward becoming new permanent residents of Canada.

Let’s explore the latest data released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and delve into the intricacies of parent and grandparent immigration.

Rise in Canada PGP 2024

In January, the PGP paved the way for 1,830 parents and grandparents to embrace Canadian permanent residency, reflecting an encouraging increase from the preceding month’s tally of 1,640. Despite this monthly upswing, January 2024 witnessed an 11.6 percent decline compared to the corresponding period last year, where 2,070 individuals entered Canada under the PGP.

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Regional Highlights

Ontario, Canada’s bustling hub, emerged as a magnet for parent and grandparent immigrants, welcoming 925 new residents under the PGP in January. Notably, this marked a substantial 44.4 percent surge from December’s figures. However, regional nuances were apparent as other provinces and territories showcased varied reception rates.

  • Nova Scotia – 15
  • New Brunswick – 5
  • Quebec – 105
  • Manitoba – 60
  • Saskatchewan – 40
  • Alberta – 330
  • British Columbia – 350
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Future Projections

Amidst Canada’s ambitious immigration targets outlined in the 2024-2026 Immigration Levels Plan, the trajectory of parent and grandparent immigration appears poised for growth. With the nation aiming to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents this year and a cumulative total of 1.485 million immigrants over the next three years, the PGP is set to play a pivotal role in facilitating family reunification on a broader scale.

The PGP journey encompasses a rigorous yet rewarding process, with sponsors undertaking a multifaceted role in facilitating the immigration of their parents or grandparents. From submitting PGP sponsorship applications to extending financial support and meeting eligibility criteria, sponsors play a crucial part in ensuring the successful integration of their loved ones into Canadian society.

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Central to the PGP sponsorship is a binding agreement wherein sponsors commit to providing financial support to their parents or grandparents for a specified duration.

As sponsors embark on their Canada PGP journey, staying abreast of Parent and Grandparent program updates and adhering to application requirements is paramount. From maintaining accurate application details to promptly updating changes in circumstances, sponsors play an active role in expediting the immigration process and fostering seamless family reunification.

Stay connected with Canada Immigration News for the latest updates and insights on parent and grandparent immigration, and embark on a journey towards reuniting families and embracing new beginnings in Canada.

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