Canada Will Not Check Immigration Status For Administering The Vaccine
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Canada Will Not Check Immigration Status For Administering The Vaccine

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Canada has already initiated the biggest vaccination drive in the country’s history. Multiple vaccines have been approved all around the world, and it finally seems like we have a chance of bidding farewell to COVID-19. 

Canada has given its approval to the Pfitzer-BioNTech vaccine for everyone over the age of sixteen. Additionally, the Moderna vaccine is an option for people who are aged over eighteen. The Public Health Agency of Canada has made it clear that the country will not consider immigration status as a factor during the vaccine rollout.

Vaccine Availability

The COVID-19 vaccines will be available to everyone living in Canada, as long as they aren’t unsuitable to take the vaccine for some reason. Canada will not even take citizenship into account. However, the country has set priorities because the vaccines are still entering the country.

The people eligible for early vaccination include adults over the age of 70, adults in Indigenous communities, healthcare professionals and residents/staff at care homes. The federal, territorial and provincial governments of the country are heavily relying on the recommendations that have been made in the National Advisory Community on Immigration in order to fix their vaccine distribution priorities.


According to the government webpage, more and more people will be able to take the vaccine once additional vaccines make their way into the country. A total of 935,700 vaccines had already been delivered as of January 21, 2020. A student at the University of Saskatchewan is working hard to collect data from the official provincial reports and track the vaccines. He says that 729,640 vaccines had already been administered by January 21.

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