Canada Welcomes Over 370,000 New Citizens in 2023
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Canada Welcomes Over 370,000 New Citizens in 2023 – India Emerges as a Top Source Country

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New Citizens in 2023

In a remarkable surge, Canada celebrated the addition of 379,448 new Canadian citizens in 2023, marking the highest annual intake in the last three years. The diverse influx includes individuals who acquired citizenship through grants, adoption, or resumption under various categories.

Canada Citizenship Yearly Comparison

Breaking down the figures, the third quarter of 2023 witnessed the peak, welcoming 104,656 new citizens. Interestingly, April experienced the lowest uptake, with just 15,337 new Canadian citizens. A glance at the yearly comparison reveals a steady increase, with 2023 leading the charts:

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  • 2023 –  379,448
  • 2022 –  375,610
  • 2021-  137,164
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India – The Top Source Country Since 2021

Indians maintained their prominence, constituting approximately 21% of the new citizens. Alongside Indians, citizens from the Philippines, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, China, the United States, and France collectively accounted for 50% of the new Canadian citizens.

Country of Birth202320222021

Note:  The most recent census in 2021 reported a total of 33.1 million Canadian citizens, with over 3.7 million holding dual citizenship.

Processing Duration

As per the latest IRCC processing report, the average processing time for Canadian citizenship applications over the last six months stood at 15 months.


Eligibility and Citizenship Fee

To apply for Canadian citizenship, individuals must be permanent residents with a minimum residency of three out of the previous five years (1,095 days) and must have submitted their taxes. The Canadian citizenship application fee is $630 for adults and $100 for minors.

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New Oath of Canadian Citizenship

In a notable development, the new oath of Canadian citizenship in 2023 includes an allegiance to King Charles, Canada’s third monarch. Additionally, the oath recognizes and affirms Aboriginal and treaty rights for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

In short, the 2023 statistics not only showcase the nation’s welcoming spirit but also highlight the importance of immigration in shaping Canada’s citizenship cycle. For the latest news and updates, stay tuned with Canada Immigration News.



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