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Canada Recorded a High Number of Job Vacancies in August



The pandemic has affected the job market in Canada in several negative ways. The worldwide vaccination campaigns have helped curb COVID-19, but it will be a while before pre-pandemic employment levels are restored to the job market.

In August, Canada recorded job vacancies above pre-COVID levels which is not surprising considering how the pandemic has had long-term effects on employees and industries as a whole. Food services, the tech sector, and healthcare have been especially affected because of the pandemic.

Report Findings

According to Statistics Canada, Canada had 871,600 job vacancies in August compared to 805,500 job vacancies in the previous month. It was the highest number of vacancies recorded in 2021. 

Professional, scientific and technical services recorded 61,100 job vacancies in August, while the accommodation and food services sector recorded 156,800 vacancies. The latter is still trying to find its footing in the ‘new normal’ because of the aftereffects of coronavirus measures. Health care and social assistance also reported many job vacancies in August. There were 121,300 unfilled positions in the sector which is alarming because Canada has an ageing population.

The Statistics Canada report elaborates that high job vacancies could be a sign that Canada is experiencing growth in terms of employment. However, it is also a symbol of labor shortages, high turnover, or just the general lack of availability of suitable workers.


However, Canada is working on repairing this situation by inviting more skilled immigrants who will be able to fill the vacancies and boost the economy.

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