Canada offers over 100 economic immigration pathways
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Canada offers over 100 economic immigration pathways

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Canada Offers Economic Immigration Pathways

If you are a prospective immigrant, you should consider Canada as a viable option because the country offers more than 100 immigration streams and programs in the economic class. You will have access to a range of opportunities, which will increase the chances of your success.

CIC News carried out an analysis to discover that Canada now has 104 economic immigration pathways in place of immigrants. The federal government and the provincial governments have gone out of their way to improve immigration policies over the last few decades. The introduction of multiple economic immigration pathways is an indication that the country is open to the idea of welcoming immigrants who can contribute to the Canadian economy.

Why are there so many options?

Canada wants to provide a range of immigration pathways so that they can cater to potential immigrants with various skills. The Canadian economy is largely dependent on the influx of immigrants, which is why it is important that people from all industries can find a home in Canada.

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The immigration system provides three avenues for permanent residents. They can arrive as economic immigrants who can be beneficial because of their capital and labor skills. They can be family members who are sponsored via the family reunification program. Refugees are also allowed to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds.


Contributors to the economy:

In Canada, the economic class makes up the largest share of immigration. About 6 in 10 immigrants are selected because they will have a positive impact on the economy. Usually, economic class immigrants are highly skilled, and they apply from abroad. These also include temporary workers and international students who have already begun living in Canada.

The candidates who want to become permanent residents in Canada must make a profile and submit it to the Express Entry pool. They are virtually screened for eligibility for any of the three primary economic immigration programs. The qualifying candidates are then given a rank on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS.

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