Canada lifts travel restrictions for U.S. students with certain conditions
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Canada lifts travel restrictions for U.S. students but there are certain conditions

Margaret Cooley



Canada travel Restictons For United States Students

Canada has been strict when it comes to enforcing travel restrictions and reducing the spread of the virus. However, certain groups are exempted from the rules based on the government’s discretion.

A recent announcement states that some students from the United States will now be able to enter Canada if they can prove that their trip is non-discretionary and non-optional.

The Fall 2020 semester is approaching, and that has caused a great deal of worry for American students who enrolled in Canadian educational institutions. The new directions will do a lot to relieve them. Students who received their study permit after March 18 will also be considered exempt according to this new rule.

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Allowance for international students:

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) updated its website with this new guidance on July 24. The country has officially added U.S. students as another category of international students who will be able to enter Canada in spite of the restrictions.


Currently, Canada will admit international students who:

  • Have a valid study permit
  • Hold a study permit that was approved on or before March 18, 2020
  • Arrive from the United States


There is a catch, though. Students from the United States will have to fulfill all the criteria mentioned by IRCC in order to gain admission. When they arrive, they will be evaluated by an officer from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) based on certain conditions.

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They should be able to prove that they are exempt from the travel restrictions and are traveling for a non-discretionary purpose. They should also convey their residential information and their plans for the quarantine period, among other things.

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