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Canada is an alternative after US immigration ban

Margaret Cooley



Canada Is An alternative for temporary Residents After U.S. Immigration

Canada has become a popular destination for immigrants all over the world. It offers a large number of options for people to obtain permanent and temporary resident visas as employers and workers. While the pandemic has affected the application processing speed, Canada is still inviting immigrants into the country.

On the other hand, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, signed a new Executive Order that will cut off immigration until the end of the year. Around 525,000 individuals will be unable to shift to the U.S. as permanent or temporary residents for the rest of the year.

Why did U.S take this measure?

This new immigration ban initiated by Trump will act as a temporary measure that is meant to protect unemployed U.S. workers. A large number of Americans lost their jobs because of the recession caused by the pandemic, and the Trump administration wants to uplift them. However, this measure is bound to create uncertainty and dissatisfaction for employers in the United States and foreign nationals who were planning to move to America.

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Why is Canada the perfect alternative?

Canada’s immigration system is also suffering due to the economic crisis since the country has imposed temporary travel restrictions and adopted special immigration measures in place. However, all the measures are being updated constantly according to new developments. No matter what, employers and workers are assured that Canada will continue to process new applications that are submitted during the pandemic. The country plans to invite new permanent and temporary residents who meet the eligibility criteria without any discrimination even after the pandemic is behind us.

The current restrictions are not allowing new permanent residents to enter Canada, but new permanent residence invitations are still being issued to immigration applicants. Temporary foreign workers are exempt from the coronavirus travel restrictions, however, and are allowed to travel to Canada.

The immigration minister of Canada, Marco Mendicino, has repeatedly stressed that immigration will play a key role in restoring the Canadian economy once the crisis is over.

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