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Canada Introduces Open Work Permit for Hong Kong PR Applicants

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Open Work Permit for Hong Kong PR

Are you a Hong Kong permanent resident (PR) dreaming of building a future in Canada? Your aspirations just got a significant boost with Canada’s latest announcement regarding Canada open work permits for Hong Kong PR applicants. Explore and know what the policy means for you!

Canada’s Open Work Permit Policy

On May 7, Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced a game-changing public policy aimed at supporting Hong Kong PR applicants under special measures. Effective May 27, 2024, Hong Kong permanent residency pathway applicants will have the opportunity to extend their status and obtain a new open work permit in Canada.

Under the new policy, open work permits will be available to Hong Kong nationals in Canada who have applied for permanent residence via the temporary public policy for Hong Kong residents under Stream A (in-Canada graduates) or Stream B (Canadian work experience).

To be eligible, applicants must have held a study or work permit in the three years prior to the IRCC receiving their application for permanent residence.

This new public policy will be in effect for five years, allowing candidates to continue working in Canada while their application for permanent residency is being processed. Additionally, applicants can simultaneously restore their temporary status if it expires 90 days before applying for a new open work permit, providing them with stability and peace of mind.


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Why This Policy Matters

The introduction of this new temporary policy comes in response to the increased IRCC processing times for permanent residency applications, particularly for Hong Kong nationals. With the large number of applications in the pipeline, many candidates face the risk of having their temporary status in Canada expire before their applications are finalized. This policy aims to address this challenge and ensure that Hong Kong residents can continue to stay on legal status while pursuing their Canadian dreams.

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Continued Support Efforts and Future Prospects

Hong Kong residents already have access to two special permanent residence programs under public policy until August 31, 2026. These programs, including Stream A for in-Canada grads and Stream B for individuals with prior work experience in Canada, have facilitated the permanent residency of thousands of Hong Kong immigrants.

Furthermore, recent amendments to the Canadian work experience stream – Stream B of the Hong Kong special measures permanent residence pathways – have made it easier for Hong Kong residents to obtain permanent residency. With these initiatives in place, the future looks promising for Hong Kong PR applicants seeking to make Canada their home.

Next Steps for Applicants

For applicants to be considered complete, they must fulfill admissibility requirements, including providing police certificates, undergoing medical exams, and submitting biometric information. By adhering to these requirements, applicants can ensure the smooth processing of their applications and maximize their chances of success.


Canada’s open work permit policy for Hong Kong PR applicants represents a significant step towards empowerment and support for individuals navigating the immigration process. By providing eligible candidates with the opportunity to extend their status and continue working in Canada, this policy opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities.

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