Canada granted admission to 13,645 immigrants during July 2020
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Canada granted admission to 13,645 immigrants during July 2020

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Canada granted admission to 13,645 immigrants during July 2020

The pandemic has not curbed Canada’s desire to be an immigrant-friendly country. Now that the country is slowly managing to bring the pandemic situation under control, older immigration policies are being restored.

In July 2020, Canada welcomed 13,645 permanent residents who will now have the chance to establish their lives in their new home.

Drop in PR levels

It is important to note that the July 2020 permanent resident intake has fallen by 63% as compared to last July. The drop is to be expected considering the circumstances, but it is a hard pill to swallow because July is usually one of the busiest months for immigration in Canada. This year’s figures are very low, taking into consideration the fact that last July was indeed the busiest month for immigration in 2019.

Canada has shown a trend of accepting the highest levels of new immigrants every July because immigrants make a conscious decision of moving to Canada during the warmer months. Moreover, they also aim to enroll their children in good schools before the academic year begins in late-August or early September.


The July 2020 intake also happened to be lower than the June 2020 intake of 19,200 immigrants. Canada has been taking immigration slow ever since the coronavirus was labeled a pandemic forcing Canada to go into lockdown in March, but June 2020 was the strongest month for the PR levels. In May, Canada welcomed only 11,000 immigrants. April was dismal, with only 4,000 newcomers entering the country.

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Are there any exceptions?

The travel restrictions and other coronavirus-related disruptions together have disbarred many candidates from making the journey.  There are some exceptions to the rule. Certain permanent resident applicants can still move to Canada right now if they manage to secure approval.


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