Canada Express Entry Draws Set to Resume with a Focus on Transport Occupations
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Canada Express Entry Draws Set to Resume with a Focus on Transport Occupations

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Transport Occupations

After more than a month of waiting, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has made a decisive move by announcing the resumption of Express Entry draws, placing a specific emphasis on candidates within the transport occupation category. This significant development underscores Canada’s commitment to addressing labor shortages in critical sectors.

IRCC Signals Next Move: Transport Occupation Sector Invitations on the Horizon

The most recent Express Entry draw took place on August 15, featuring an all-program draw that extended invitations to 4,300 candidates who had achieved a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 496. In a press release issued on September 18, the IRCC confirmed its intent to issue invitations later this week to Express Entry candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for category-based selection in the transport occupation sector.

This category encompasses a diverse array of professionals, including commercial truck drivers, pilots, and aircraft assembly workers, among others. The primary objective of these draws is to tackle labor shortages and boost Canada’s transportation and infrastructure sectors.

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Transport Sector Key to Canada’s Economic Growth

Immigration Minister Marc Miller emphasized the significance of this approach: “As Canada continues to grow its economy, we are committed to enhancing our transport and infrastructure to ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods and passengers across the country. Category-based selection enables us to welcome newcomers with expertise in transport occupations to fill significant labor gaps and secure the future success of the Canadian transport sector.”

Canada’s New Immigration Categories: 10,900 Invited in 2023

The category-based selection marks a notable shift in Canada’s immigration strategy. The federal government of Canada introduced essential amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to facilitate this update. As part of this overhaul, IRCC introduced six new categories for Express Entry candidates, each targeting individuals with specific skills and expertise.


These categories encompass the following sectors:

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Healthcare, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Professions, Trades, including carpenters, plumbers, and contractors, Transport, Agriculture and Agri-food

Since the introduction of these new categories, IRCC has conducted draws for healthcare occupations, STEM occupations, French-speaking candidates, and skilled trades. Impressively, a total of 10,900 candidates have already received invitations through category-based selection draws in 2023.

Transport Category Set to Contribute to Thriving Economy

The resurgence of Express Entry draws with a pronounced focus on transport occupations represents a strategic move by Canada to fortify its labor force and bolster key industries. This move underscores Canada’s commitment to filling critical roles in the transport and infrastructure sectors. It aims to strengthen its labor force and key industries while offering prospective immigrants the chance to contribute to the thriving Canadian economy and start a new life in the country.



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