Canada Exempts Families And Compassionate Travel From Restrictions
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Canada Exempts Families And Compassionate Travel From Restrictions

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Canada eases travel restrictions for families

Canada has been firm when it comes to minimizing travel and reducing the spread of the virus. The country is trying to keep its citizens safe and secure. However, the travel restrictions are slowly being eased now that the economy is open again. Extended family members and people who want to travel to Canada for compassionate reasons will now face no hurdles during their trip.

Who can travel now?

Canada opened the border on October 8 for these newly exempted groups. Extended family members of Canadians and permanent residents can now reunite with their loved ones without any hassle. People looking to cross the border for compassionate reasons can also come into the country.

Extended family members will include:

  • people in an exclusive dating relationship with a permanent resident or Canadian citizen for a minimum of one year they should have spent time with their Canadian partner and their dependent children in real life during the relationship
  • the children of Canadians aged over 22, and are not dependent children anymore
  • grandchildren
  • grandparents
  • siblings like half and step-siblings
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Foreign nationals can arrive in Canada for compassionate reasons such as providing support to ailing or distressed family members.

What to do?


IRCC has mentioned that all the information and more details about the process and requirements can be accessed via the website. It is important that extended family members do not make their travel to canada plans until they have satisfied all the requirements and secured the necessary authorizations.

Anybody who arrives in Canada will still have to quarantine for two weeks.

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