Canada eliminates barriers for all international student workers employed in essential service
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Immigration Announcement

Canada eliminates barriers for all international student workers employed in essential service

Ashley Shelton



International student permission to work

Canada has imposed temporary travel restrictions on international travel in order to battle the spread of the coronavirus. However, the international workers and students who are currently in Canada will now be able to join the fight against coronavirus.

The country has recently taken measures to make it easier for international students to become a part of the fight against coronavirus. The international students who are currently residing in Canada will be given permission to work full-time jobs if they are associated with essential services. The government acknowledges that international students living in Canada can be of great help when it comes to boosting the economy. The students will be able to meet the challenges imposed by COVID-19 and hopefully provide solutions.

What is the step?

Canada has eliminated the regulation that keeps international students from working full-time. However, the removal of this law is only on a temporary basis. The regulation prevents international students from working over 20 hours every week when classes are on. Now, however, they will be able to take up full-time jobs and help the economy.

Marco Mendicino, the immigration minister of Canada, stated in a media release that temporary foreign workers, immigrants, and international students are playing very important roles as frontline workers in all essential service sectors, including health care. He further said that the efforts and sacrifices of the students to keep the Canadians healthy are highly valued. The students are also working to maintain a steady inflow of critical goods and services.


The international students who are associated with the following sectors will be granted permission to work full-time: Water, Transportation, Information and Communication Technologies, Finance, Health Safety, Government, Energy and Utilities, Food and Manufacturing

The change will be applicable to these study-permit holders because these industries are considered to be critical.

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