Canada and US release information regarding the status of work permit holders
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Canada and US release more information regarding the status of work permit holders

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US Canada Work Permit

Cross-border travel restrictions have been imposed, which came into effect on 21st March, but it looks like some exceptions were made for certain work permit holders. They were allowed to travel across the Canada-US border if they needed to do so.

Both the Canadian and US governments came forth with more details about the inclusions and exclusions from the restrictions before they were implemented. People who want to cross the border for non-essential purposes were restricted from traveling because of the pandemic.

The Canadian government has gone so far as to define “non-essential” travel so that people will not be confused as to what they can and cannot do. Any travel that is related to tourism or entertainment purposes falls under the restrictions. These travelers have been forbidden by the governments to travel to go across the border for at least a month after the rules came into effect on 21st March. Both the US and Canada are prepared to review the border restrictions once a month has passed by, and they will make decisions based on the status of the pandemic.

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According to the statement released by the Canadian government, Americans and Canadians who are work permit holders can be seen as essential travelers, but that does not give unlimited access. The allowance should not be regarded as an exhaustive waiver that is applicable to all work permit holders until the governments release more information about the limitations.

There has also been noticed from the US Department of Homeland Security related to the different provisions of the restrictions. Travel via ferry terminals and land ports of entry along the US-Canada border will only be limited to “essential travel” and nobody will be allowed to defy the given conditions.

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