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Immigration Announcement

Border Restrictions Will Continue Until January 2021

Austin Campbell



Canada Immigration

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has long-lasting impacts on the global sphere. Countries all over the world are still reeling from the disastrous effects of the virus and its prevention measures. Canada is one of the few countries that have managed to bring the infection rate under control. However, that does not mean that the country can afford to relax. Staying safe and cautious is the only way to prevent a second breakout of the virus.

Extending restrictions

Canada has been fairly strict about maintaining border travel restrictions. Now, it seems that the country will continue the border restrictions until next year. To be precise, the border will continue to be shut until January 21, 2021, for international travelers who want to enter the country for non-essential reasons. If the border officials spot any foreign travelers whose sole purpose in Canada is recreation and entertainment, they will be turned away without hesitation. Canada is focusing on maintaining essential trade without compromising the safety of its people.

Canada has exempted some groups from the travel restrictions already, and those exceptions will still apply as long as the travelers follow all the rules strictly. Most people have to fulfill the mandatory quarantine requirement. The Canadian government is trying to align the extension of these restrictions with those imposed on travelers from the United States.

If you think you fall under the exempted groups, you can try to enter Canada but remember that the border services officers will have the final say every time.


New measures?

There is also a chance that Canada might introduce some changes to its order so as to accommodate applications from amateur sports organizations looking to organize International Single Sports Events. They are working on creating an effective plan to protect the participants and maintain public health.

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