Biometrics Scheduling Available Virtually From 30 November
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Biometrics Scheduling Available Virtually From 30 November

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Canada Immigration

Candidates who are pursuing immigration to Canada know that submitting biometrics is one of the most important steps of the process. The pandemic was responsible for messing up many of Canada’s immigration plans for the year as a result of which progress has slowed down. However, the country is rapidly bouncing back and trying to restore everything so that prospective immigrants face lesser hurdles.

With the shutdown of many immigration offices, candidates were having trouble scheduling appointments to submit their biometrics. The officers at Services Canada started getting in touch with clients from mid-September to book biometrics appointments. Once some of the Canada immigration centres opened up, candidates were allowed to visit in-person and attend their appointments.

This method, while functional, is not sustainable long-term because of the sheer number of people who need to book appointments for themselves and submit their biometrics.

Solving the problem

IRCC recently came up with a solution by resuming the Services Canada appointment system’s online scheduling feature. This means that candidates will be able to book their biometrics appointment in advance.


Clients who did not have officers get in touch with them about appointments can now take matters into their own hands and book one at a time that is convenient for them. They should aim for the Services Canada office that is located closest to them. It is important to remember that candidates who are applying for permanent residence will have to submit their biometrics once again if they haven’t done so in the last ten years.

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Walk-in services not available at the moment, so the online scheduling system should be used judiciously.

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