Biden and Trump have differing views on immigration
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Biden and Trump have differing views on immigration

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Biden and Trump have differing views on immigration

The United States of America is set to choose its next President on November 3rd this year. The successful candidate will lead the country for the next four years, which will include making changes to the U.S. immigration process as and when needed.


Depending on whether America votes in Joe Biden or lets current President Donald Trump reclaim the Oval Office, the U.S. immigration landscape could be vastly different in the coming years.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has implemented several restrictive immigration policies during his term.


It is possible that he might continue this trend into his next term if he gets re-elected. Trump implemented an immigration ban just a few weeks back, and it will last until the end of the year. The purpose was to keep foreign workers from finding jobs in the United States so that Americans could have more opportunities. He wanted to make sure that American citizens had access to more jobs than immigrants since the pandemic has caused widespread unemployment. However, the ban has already affected about half a million people.

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President Trump issued a visa ban against specific Muslim-majority countries in the past. Moreover, he has also imposed many restrictions on issuing H1-B visas and green cards.

Joe Biden

On the other hand, if Joe Biden wins the election is likely that he will want to amend the shortcomings of Trump’s immigration policies. Biden would want to provide a citizenship pathway for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States at the moment. Reforming the U.S. immigration is on his agenda, and Biden has made that very clear. He might bring back some of the policies that were introduced during Obama’s presidency.

Biden has also promised that he might reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that Trump could ban during his presidency.

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