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Immigration Announcement

Benefits can reduce the financial burden on immigrants during the pandemic

Peter Fey



Benefits can reduce the financial burden on immigrants during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has posed serious problems for many. Canadian immigration has been badly hit, and immigrants are struggling to figure out what their next move should be. The Canadian government is trying its best to alleviate the pains of immigrants. The country is consistently introducing new measures in order to help citizens and promote the economy that will also benefit the immigrants immensely.

Immigrants suffering from financial hardship because of the coronavirus pandemic will receive support from the Canadian government. The Canadian government recently took the initiative of extending the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) until the end of September, which means that the total duration of benefits will be 28 weeks. This means that many individuals who expected their payments to end in August will now have an extra month of support to fall back upon.

What is CERB?

CERB was introduced as a temporary income support program for anyone who suffered due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The program gives $2,000 every month to the people affected. In order to be eligible for emergency benefits that are being offered by the Canadian government, international students and temporary foreign workers have to fulfill the same criteria as Canadians. Temporary residents need to have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) and live in Canada, to begin with.

What to do after CERB expires?


After CERB ends at the end of September, people who face financial hardship might be offered three new proposed benefits. People who were laid off because of the pandemic might benefit in particular. The ones who are eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) can shift to this program. Ineligible people can submit their applications for the three new restoration benefits from September 27.

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