Attracting AI workers through open immigration policies
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Attracting AI workers through open immigration policies



Attracting AI Workers Through Open Immigration Policies

Modern technology does not adhere to restrictions and boundaries. More and more developments are coming to light every single day. It is no surprise that Canada wants to secure talented tech workers who can lead the tech sector forward in the coming years. Their immigration policies are tailored to provide attractive pathways for talented international AI workers. Canada also knows how to retain international talent.

If you are a prospective immigrant who is skilled in artificial intelligence and information technology, you should definitely consider Canada because you will have numerous advantages. Acquaint yourself with their variety of immigration policies to figure out which would be your ideal pathway to permanent residence.

Does Canada have an advantage?

The Center for Security and Emerging Technology released a study in June that examines how immigration policies help to maintain the competitiveness of the AI sector in Canada, the United States, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The study found that Canada has a more versatile and flexible system as compared to the other four countries. Canada’s immigration policies are ideal for attracting highly-skilled foreign workers who can compete for AI talent.

Why is Canada more accessible?


Canada is well-placed to become a world leader in artificial intelligence in the coming years. The country offers numerous pathways for talented workers.Unlike the other four countries that impose work visa duration limits and a cap on the renewals, Canada does not specify a limit on the duration of stay for temporary foreign workers.

Canada usually processes work permits and temporary worker visas in two to eight weeks. On the other hand, the other four countries take several months to do the same. Canada also happens to be the only country that allows foreign workers with a visa or work permit to submit their application for permanent residence immediately. There are no quotas to meet.

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