Asylum seekers in the healthcare industry might recieve Canadian permanent residence
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Asylum seekers in the healthcare industry might receive Canadian permanent residence

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Asylum Seekers Might Get Canadian Permanent Residence

The Canadian federal government is considering a new proposed measure that could help asylum seekers working in healthcare occupations during the pandemic to get permanent residence.

Canada is planning to measure a temporary program that will provide a pathway for asylum seekers to get permanent residence if they contributed to the healthcare industry during the coronavirus crisis. The program might get launched within the next few weeks, according to Radio Canada. Although there is not an exact estimate of how many people would benefit from this new measure, thousands might fulfill the conditions. Quebec houses the majority of asylum seekers who will meet the requirements of the new measure.

Immigration Minister of Canada Marco Mendicino announced the details of the project to Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, and the Cabinet Committee. The Cabinet will have to approve the program suggested by the minister before the idea can be implemented.

Why is this step significant?

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Quebec-based migrant support organization, La Maison d’Haïti, states that around 1,000 asylum seekers are occupied in the province’s health sector at the moment. A large number of them are providing their services during the pandemic even while they were waiting on decisions or had their claims were rejected. The organization has been straightforward in their assessment of the situation. They have said that many asylum seekers have integrated into Canadian society well enough, and the government should consider rewarding their hard work and dedication.


Who will be eligible?

This measure will benefit workers in long-care facilities as well as hospital workers like nurses, aides, security, and more.  However, the program will not be applicable to asylum seekers engaged in other fields even if they qualify as essential workers during the pandemic.

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