Access Canada Visa Application Centres in these countries
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Access Canada Visa Application Centres in these countries

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Access Canada Visa Application Centres

The emergence of the coronavirus crisis put Canadian immigration in jeopardy after travel restrictions had to be imposed. However, things are opening up again, and prospective candidates will have the chance to propel their immigration process.

A large number of Visa Application Centres (VACs) are slowly becoming more accessible to candidates outside Canada. If they want to arrive in the country as foreign workers, permanent residents, students, and visitors, they should avail of the services provided by VACs.

Role of VACs:

It is only recently that VACs have started re-opening and providing essential immigration services to people all around the world. VACs allow individuals to submit their biometrics since that is a requirement specified by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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The candidates are expected to provide their fingerprints and submit photos during the biometrics collection process. They have to pay a fee to sign up for the service. Biometrics is essential because they help the Canadian government make the immigration process easier and safer.


The VACs closed down in March as part of the global coronavirus containment measures. IRCC’s website has a list of open VACs that you can consult if you are wondering about the services available around you. The list is being constantly updated, so you should keep checking if you cannot find your location currently.

What if your local VAC is still closed?

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In case your local VAC has not opened, you do not need to panic. IRCC is continuing to give updates for candidates who are unable to submit their biometric details at the moment. If a candidate is unable to provide the biometric information, their application will not be rejected.

IRCC will keep the applications open and grant automatic extensions on the deadlines. Individuals can wait for their VAC sites to re-open before submitting their biometrics.

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