Manitoba PNP Draw Invite 206 Candidates to Canada
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Manitoba PNP Draw Invites 206 Candidates



PNP Draw Manitoba

Canadian provinces have shown no signs of halting immigration. While the pandemic has slowed down the entire process, most provinces are still organizing draws to invite eligible candidates. The province of Manitoba distributed 206 invitations in a recent draw.  The successful immigration candidates will now be able to apply for a provincial nomination for permanent residence. Inclusive of this draw, Manitoba has now handed over 4,068 invitations to PNP candidates so far in 2020.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) issued invitations to international graduates and skilled workers through three specific immigration streams:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • International Education Stream
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba: 161 LAAs, Minimum score of at least 375;
  • Skilled Workers Overseas— 15 LAAs, Minimum score of at least 771;
  • International Education Stream— 30 LAAs, No score requirement;

Among the 206 LAAs issued during the draw, 22 of them went to candidates in the Express Entry pool. The MPNP has said that they are going to reject candidates without a valid Express Entry ID, verifiable experience in any of the professions listed under Manitoba’s In-demand Occupations list and a job seeker validation code.

Skilled Worker Overseas candidates

The MPNP took Skilled Worker Overseas candidates into account only if they received invitations directly under a strategic recruitment initiative. Candidates who scored more than the minimum ranking but did not get an LAA could have missed out because:

  • their third-party language test lacked a valid test number;
  • their language test is invalid;
  • they were invited via a strategic recruitment initiative but did not send a valid invitation number;

You should make the changes and get in touch with MPNP.

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