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CILA Advocates for Immigrant Bill of Rights and Ombudsperson

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CILA Advocates for Immigrant Bill of Rights and Ombudsperson

The Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA) has called on the Canadian government to take significant steps to enhance the country’s immigration system. In their latest report titled “Let’s Clean Up Our Act,” CILA proposes the establishment of an immigrant bill of rights and the appointment of an Ombudsperson. These measures aim to address existing gaps in the system and reduce bureaucratic barriers that newcomers often face.

Central to CILA’s proposal is the amendment of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). The association believes that a dedicated immigrant bill of rights will set clear public expectations regarding fairness, transparency, and responsiveness within the immigration process. This bill of rights is expected to significantly improve the experience for newcomers by ensuring that their rights are protected and their voices heard.

In addition to the bill of rights, CILA emphasizes the importance of appointing an Ombudsperson. This role is envisioned to provide accountability and serve as an independent voice for immigrants, addressing grievances and ensuring that their concerns are adequately represented. The Ombudsperson would also play a critical role in overseeing the implementation of the immigrant bill of rights, ensuring that the principles of fairness and transparency are upheld across the board.

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CILA’s recommendations are part of a broader initiative to streamline Canada’s immigration system. By addressing systemic issues and reducing unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, the association aims to create a more efficient and welcoming environment for immigrants. These proposed changes are seen as essential steps towards fostering a more inclusive and equitable immigration system in Canada.

As the Canadian government considers these recommendations, the focus remains on improving the overall experience for immigrants, ensuring their rights are protected, and making the process more transparent and accountable. With these proposed reforms, Canada continues to strive towards being a leader in global immigration practices, offering a supportive and fair system for all newcomers.

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