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Canada Limits Flagpoling at 12 Border Crossings to Improve Efficiency

Mayett Muyco



Canada Limits Flagpoling at 12 Border Crossings to Improve Efficiency

Canada has announced new restrictions on the practice of flagpoling at 12 ports of entry, a move aimed at improving efficiency during high-traffic periods. Flagpoling, a legal procedure allowing individuals on temporary residence permits to receive same-day immigration services by exiting and re-entering the country within 24 hours, has been a common practice at designated land border crossings.

Despite its legality, flagpoling has faced criticism from both Canadian and U.S. entities. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has now taken steps to curtail this practice at specific border points. This measure is part of an effort to enable border officers to focus on high-priority cases, including trade facilitation, high-risk travelers, and asylum seekers.

The CBSA emphasized that the decision to limit flagpoling aims to streamline operations and enhance the management of resources at these busy border crossings. By reducing the number of flagpoling cases, border officers can allocate more time and attention to essential tasks, ensuring the smooth flow of trade and the security of Canada’s borders.

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Affected ports of entry include some of the busiest crossings in the country, where the volume of travelers and commercial activity is particularly high. These limitations are expected to alleviate congestion and improve the overall efficiency of border services during peak times.

For individuals who rely on flagpoling to update their immigration status, alternative procedures will need to be considered. This might include scheduling appointments at immigration offices within Canada or using other designated points of entry that still allow flagpoling.

The restriction of flagpoling at these 12 border crossings marks a significant shift in how immigration services are administered at Canada’s borders. As the CBSA continues to adapt its operations to meet the demands of high-priority cases and ensure the effective use of its resources, travelers and temporary residents are encouraged to stay informed about these changes and plan their immigration procedures accordingly.

For more detailed information and updates on border crossing services and flagpoling restrictions, travelers should consult the official CBSA website and stay updated with new announcements.

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