1-Year Master's Programs in Canada PGWP Success

Three-year Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) is open for one-year master's program graduates. There is an Exemption from the annual cap for master's and doctorate-level programs and an Inclusion of SOWP for family support.

Advantages of 1-Year Master's Programs

•Cost and time savings •Enhanced immigration pathway with a three-year PGWP  • Opportunity for spouses with Spousal Open Work Permits (SOWP) •Dedicated immigration streams for permanent residency

Top 1-Year Master’s Programs Across Canada

Diverse MBA, Science, and Forensics, Design, Engineering programs and many more across reputable Canadian universities

Study Permit Caps

Have an Overview of study permit caps introduced in 2024 that excluded certain groups

1-Year Master’s Program Students Eligible for 3-Year Work Permit in Canada